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Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope
Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope
Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope
Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope
Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope
Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope

Dope Ropes Long Handle Beaded Freestyle Rope

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This jump rope is the same specs as our popular signature beaded rope but with long handles.  We recommend this rope if you are at an intermediate/advanced level and for freestyle jumping.

The long handles give you more reach when doing crosses and wraps and so allows for easier execution of more advanced trick combinations. The beads are weighted to give you feel and feedback as the rope moves through the air. In addition, the beads allow the rope to hold its shape and doesn't kink and generally moves slower giving you more control when learning and executing skills. Some people also prefer to have a bigger surface area to catch for releases.

We still recommend that beginners start with the short handle beaded rope in order to learn technique and hand positioning correctly first and then add this rope to the collection! Also, long handles are somewhat down to personal preference too!

Here are just some of the benefits of beaded ropes:

  • Feedback: The beads provide an extra bit of weight to give the jumper more feel of the cable as it rotates around them.  This allows the jumper to learn more advanced skills more easily as they have a better understanding of rope mechanics and movement.
  • Durability: The beads protect the cord running through the jump rope and so the cord will not wear as it never comes into contact with the surface.  In addition, if beads wear and break, you will have spare beads to replace the broken beads when you initially adjust the rope down in length. A great option for jumping on lots of different surfaces and on harsher surfaces outside!
  • No Kinking: The one disadvantage of PVC ropes is that they will kink and eventually snap.  Beaded ropes do not kink and so maintain their rope shape as it moves around your body which again helps with executing tricks as well as making the rope last for the user.


Our long handle beaded jump rope has the following specifications:

  • Cord length - 10ft (adjustable to any height)
  • Bead width - 1 inch
  • High quality shatter proof plastic beads. Hand beaded in the USA
  • 8" Long handles: Great for intermediate/advanced freestyle. Makes reaching for crosses and wraps easier and so ideal for executing more advanced freestyle routines.  Unbreakable low-density polyethylene 8" handle / 1oz weight (each handle) / .9" diameter at end. These handles also come with a lifetime guarantee! We are so confident in our handles that if they break, we will replace them one time for free!

See the rope in action:



The beaded rope is 10 foot long but can be adjusted to any height. Refer to our sizing guide for general sizing principles.  We actually recommend shortening a few inches more than you are comfortable with as this will allow you to learn a stricter jump rope form and hand positioning which will make things a bit harder initially but easier in the long run.  To adjust, simply untie the knot holding the nylon cord in place, remove as many beads as you need and then retie the knot to hold in place. Cut off any excess cord. See this video from the our suppliers Buyjumpropes.net which demonstrates adjusting length:


Customer Reviews

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Great for learning tricks!

Great rope for learning tricks - and saves changing the handles on my other rope. Using the longer handles gives extra reach when you're trying to learn something new. The ropes are really good quality and well made.

Amazing Ropes!

Love these colorful skipping ropes! Great customer service and I actually ordered the wrong handles and they sent replacements out right away! 5 star product and service




Love it

Bought as a present

Item looks study and practical, hope it gets used by it new owner.