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Our Story


Finding a good quality jump rope can be hard and we found it to be a lot harder than we thought, especially when shopping in the UK.  It seems that the best in class jump ropes were only more widely available in the US.  We want to change that and make the dopest high quality jump ropes readily accessible to both aspiring and avid jump ropers on our side of the pond! 

Our passion for jumping rope comes from the multitude of health benefits it provides and most importantly the FUN you can have whilst exercising.  With a strong calorie burn per minute, portability, and the ability to exercise anywhere, the jump rope has become a staple in our family's exercise routines.  

We hope that we can provide access and awareness to some of the best jump ropes on the market so you too can unlock the full potential of a jump rope workout!


Our Brand

Dope Ropes is inspired by retro 80s/90s pop culture and the vaporwave aesthetic.  We aim to incorporate this into our jump rope products and content. 



For me, it's always been a struggle to find a form of fitness that sticks for the long term, that's accessible, affordable and fun.....jump rope changed all that.  I started jumping in 2018 after I hit the big 30 and have been regularly jumping rope ever since. I believe I am now in the best shape of my life and my fitness has come on leaps and bounds. I have been surprised by the amount of weight you can lose without really changing anything else about your lifestyle. Losing a bit of weight was just one of the side benefits.  I have developed a better core, more confidence, better coordination and had a lot fun along the way whilst meeting other skipping enthusiasts.  I still have a long way to go as the tricks and sequences you can do with a jump rope are endless and I have barely touched the surface.  I hope to continue to improve and learn new tricks in the years to come.

I started Dope Ropes because I wanted to get others benefitting in the same way I have.  In the UK, jump rope or skipping isn't is as popular as it should be, considering it is one of the best workouts for calorie burn per minute.  In addition, the UK doesn't stock the range of ropes and quality of jump rope in order to workout effectively for all fitness objectives. So I decided to create a site where I could provide a range of jump ropes as well as premium high end jump ropes to the UK market in one single place and Dope Ropes was born!  


Kaz is a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) and has a Master's degree in Sport & Exercise Nutrition (MSc). He has had a lifelong interest in health and fitness but his passion and enthusiasm for jumping rope developed more recently when he welcomed his son into the world. Kaz had a demanding schedule...studying for his MSc, working as a nutrition consultant, and getting to grips with his new role as a father. He was looking for an exercise modality that would not only provide amazing results but more importantly one that would be sustainable and fit into his busy lifestyle.  By combining jumping rope with body weight exercises, Kaz has discovered a time efficient workout that allows him to easily achieve his goals and supports his balanced and active lifestyle.


Our personal experience of jump rope over the years is what goes into our products and our website. We offer free advice and videos across our site and on our social media platforms as we want to pass on all our knowledge to as many of you as possible so you can benefit and start spreading the word too.

Our Suppliers

I only stock jump ropes that I have used and trust in my own jump rope journey which is why I chose to supply RX Smartgear, Elite SRS and Buy Jump Ropes. These US based companies are highly rated and trusted by jump rope professionals. One of the main reasons I set up this store is to be able to offer these ropes to the UK and European market at a cheaper rate than buying direct. Avoiding both high shipping costs as well as customs clearance fees from the US makes these ropes much more affordable. I have been really pleased that so many of you appreciate not only the products but having a local supplier to get them more affordably and quickly!